The "Elsewhere" DIY store is a place for all ages including adults, teen and kids to come and experience art and craft time. The idea was to provide people with a quiet place where they can rest and enjoy the time and focus on making some art works that they can bring home with in the busy and noisy city. The project is supported by the "OA" art group who do art education, art exhibition and experience etc. Especially during the COVID pandemic, people spent tons of time working and socializing online, and many love to experience some activities offline in the real word environments like this as the pandemic situation turns better. Here our customer can paint oil painting on canvas, clothes bags, they could craft their little accessories with varies materials, and we even offer coffee, tea and snacks to boost their energy up. 3 months after its opening, we have fostered a lively community could come whenever they are free and have some conversations with their friends or couples. So, it is place about enjoying life as well as making friends. 

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